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    Writing to and ringing politicians is an effective way of demonstrating the support there is for greater treatment of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

    Refugee advocate Julian Burnside shares the following approach to writing to politicians. (Ref:www.julianburnside.com.au)

    Many Federal politicians do not know the facts about our refugee policy, and most have not confronted the moral issues it raises.

    One way to force them into the open is to write to them, asking very simple, focussed questions and then pressing for an answer.

    Pressing for an answer is important: they will not want to answer: rather, they will refer your letter to someone else, or respond with bureaucratic fog in the hope that you will go away.

    If time doesn’t permit writing a letter, then send an email, or phone their offices. You could even follow this up with a visit to your local MP’s office.

    Leader of the Opposition
    The Hon Bill Shorten,

    (02) 6277 4022
    Email: Bill.Shorten.MP@aph.gov.au
    PO Box 6022, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600

    Shadow Minister for Immigration
    Hon Shayne Neumann MP

    PO Box 6022, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600
    Phone: (02) 6277 4755 (Canberra)
    Email: Shayne.Neumann.MP@aph.gov.au

    Sarah Henderson (Liberal Member for Corangamite)
    Phone (03) 5243 1444 (Waurn Ponds)
    3A/195 Colac Road Waurn Ponds VIC 3216
    Email: sarah.henderson.mp@aph.gov.au

    Richard Marles (Labor MP for Corio)
    Phone: (03) 5221 3033 (Geelong)
    17A Yarra St, Geelong 3220
    Email: richard.marles.mp@aph.gov.au

    or find contact details for your local MP here:





    To provide practical support for our asylum seeker community in Geelong, Queenscliff RAR is gathering these items to distribute on an ongoing basis.

    Tinned food:

    • Kidney beans
    • Chickpeas
    • Butter beans
    • Cannellini beans
    • Tomatoes
    • Tuna (sustainable ‘pole & line’ brands preferred please)
    • Coconut milk
    • Coconut cream
    • Tinned fruits e.g. pineapple, apricots, peaches, pears, mangoes
    • (Please NO baked beans, NO tinned soup, NO noodles or spaghetti, No tinned beetroor or mushrooms)

    Dried pulses & grains:

    • Red lentils
    • Green lentils
    • Basmati Rice (5kg or larger bags are the most economical)


    • Turmeric, chilli powder, ground coriander, ground cumin, cinnamon sticks, green cardamom pods, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, black mustard seeds, curry leaves
    • Garlic, ginger

    Miscellaneous Foods

    • Sunflower oil
    • Tea bags (not Dilmah- http://tamilfightback.com/say-no-to-sri-lanka-and-dilmah-tea)
    • Dessicated coconut
    • White sugar
    • Salt
    • Jam
    • Sweet biscuits
    • Long Life Milk
    • Muesli or similar breakfast cereals


    • Soap, toothpaste, men’s deodorant, shampoo, tissues, toilet paper


    • Dishwashing liquid, dishbrush, Jif, laundry powder, Chux superwipes
    • Teatowels (new), bathroom towels (new)

    Gift/ food vouchers – K Mart/ Woolworths/Coles:

    • Gift vouchers for K Mart are very useful as it enables new clothing & footwear of individual sizes and preferences to be selected by the recipients, giving them a sense of personal choice and dignity.
    • Food vouchers for Woolworths/Coles are useful as it enables meat, fresh fruit & vegetables to be bought.

    Items can be left in the Queenscliff RAR ‘Asylum Seker Support Pack’ tub in the foyer of the Uniting Church, cnr. Hesse & Stokes Sts, Queenscliff.


    Events are a wonderful way to find out more information and show your support. They can also be a useful tool to introduce those that may have differing views on this issue as to the real plight of asylum seekers and refugees.

    Please support:












    Each month QRAR is present at many markets around the Bellarine Peninsula as part of the Azaadi Project – supporting people seeking asylum and refugees through the sale of chutney & kasaundi. Information on issues affecting people seeking asylum is also displayed at the QRAR stall along with leaflets and petitions.
    For information on the Azaadi Project including market dates and locations, see the Azaadi Project Page.



    There are over 1000 men and women still on Nauru and Manus Islands most of them suffering serious mental and physical trauma.  It is essential that the Urgent Medical Treatment Bill which will go before parliament in the week commencing February 12 is passed. 

    We suggest everyone email or phone the following politicians, plus your local MP, to encourage them to support the Bill and make it law.
    Post on their Facebook pages:
    #WeAreWatching. Back the Bill.  Allow Urgent Medical Transfers.  

    Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition Bill.Shorten.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4022
    Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Tanya.Plibersek.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4404
    Shayne Neumann Shayne.Neumann.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4755
     ·       Cross benchers (House of Reps):
    Kerryn.Phelps.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4322          Electoral office: (02) 9327 3988
     Andrew.Wilkie.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4766         Electoral office: (03) 6234 5255
    Rebekha.Sharkie.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 2113    Electoral office: (08) 8398 5566
     Cathy.McGowan.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4778    Electoral office:   Wangaratta Office (03) 5721 7077    Wodonga Office (02) 6024 6284
    Julia.Banks.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4029              Electoral office: (03) 9808 3188
     Bob.Katter.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4978               Electoral office: (07) 4743 3534
    ·         Coalition MPs
    Russell.Broadbent.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4233   Electoral office: (03) 5623 2064
    Craig.Laundy.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4345           Electoral office:  (02) 9715 7444

     Key Messages:

    • Hundreds of refugees on PNG and Nauru have developed serious physical and mental health problems and need to have appropriate treatment
    • The well-being of these people is Australia’s responsibility – we have held them there in limbo for more than 5 years
    • 12 young men have died preventable deaths on Manus and Nauru – most because they did not receive the health care they needed
    • No more deaths – we must stop breaking these people
    • Everyone has a right to health care – Back the Bill and vote for decency

    Information from National RAR & ARAN


    Picture2An idea to spread 1000 messages in support of asylum seekers took flight at the recent ‘Out of the Darkness’ Exhibition …..

    People were invited to choose a paper crane that bore a fact about ‘the right to seek asylum’ on one wing and a thought-provoking quote on the other wing.

    Each crane was taken away and left in another place for someone else to find and read.  People were invited to email Queenscliff RAR a photo of where their crane had travelled to.

     We have more cranes ready to take flight at the QRAR market stalls & other events.

    If you wish to email us a picture of your crane in its location to display on the QRAR website, contact us using the email address on the crane’s wing or contact us here and we will supply you with the email adress to send your image to. If you find a crane and have checked out our website as a result, we would love to here from you too.

    Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of happiness.

    Japanese people believe the crane can live for a thousand years.  An ancient Japanese story promises that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. After World War II, the crane came to symbolize peace and the innocent victims of war. Today the folding of 1000 paper cranes has become a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times.



    Crane #5  landed at Queenscliff Beach, February 2016.                                

    Wing Fact: Immigration detention is no safe place for a child.             

    Wing Quote: “After all this is over, all that will have really mattered is how we treat each other.” Unknown





    Crane #6

    Crane #6  landed on the desk of The Age editor, February 2016.

    Wing Fact: Every year the number of asylum seekers who arrive by boat is tiny compared to our annual migration figures.            

    Wing Quote: “I will write peace on your wings and fly all over the world.” Sadako Sasaki






    Crane #40Crane #40  landed at a Bendigo school, February 2016.

    Wing Fact: It is not illegal to seek asylum by boat, even if you arrive without a visa. 

    Wing Quote: “A person’s true wealth is the good he or she does in the world.” Mohammed




    Crane #68  landed on a park bench overlooking Corio Bay in Geelong, February 2016.

    Wing Fact: Over 90% of asylum seekers who arrive by boat are found to be refugees fleeing persecution.

    Wing Quote: “The price of wisdom is above rubies.”      Old Testament



    Crane #113 landed at Barwon Edge Boathouse, Newtown in June 2016

    Wing Fact: Australia receives a fraction of the world’s asylum claims each year. 

    Wing Quote: “If you judge people you have no time to love them.” Mother Teresa